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Wolfram Alpha:
It's difficult to classify or even scope the range of this "Watson-esque" (free) computational knowledge engine. Find out how close we are to Halley's comet in terms of McDonald's™ cheeseburgers or what time the sun will rise 49,363 years from now (4:40am, 4hrs. 25min of daylight in Washington, D.C.). Wolfram allows and evaluates any question (mathematical or otherwise) posed in recursive form (f(f(f(x))) like "half of the men in china plus the number of earthquakes west of Colorado between 1915 and 1956". It's fun, but actually has tremendous utility for up-to-the minute statistics on places, dates, people, weather, physical and chemical properties, etc. making it an invaluable resource for presentations and reports (amongst other things)--we wish we had thought of it.

Engineering Toolbox:
Acoustics, Air Psychrometrics, Basics, Combustion, Drawing Tools, Dynamics, Economics, Electrical, Environment, Fluid Mechanics, Gas and Compressed Air, HVAC Systems, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Insulation, Material Properties, Mathematics, Mechanics, Miscellaneous, Physiology, Piping Systems, Process Control, Pumps, Standards Organizations, Steam and Condensate, Thermodynamics, Water Systems

M.I.T. OpenCourseWare:
M.I.T. has been leading the way in leveling the educational playing field for the world by freely publicizing its course materials, lecture notes, homework assignments, quizzes and exams, and even has a substantial video archive of full lectures for entire course sequences.

Electrical Engineering Virtual Library:
Journals, magazines, research institutions, etc.

Science Daily:
This is a great website for updates on all things science; in particular, it is subdivided so finely that there are dedicated sections to similar but disseperate topics like quantum computing, A.I., graphics, encryption, and computer science theory (and that's just the E.E. division). Worth a look and probably a bookmark.